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Vanish it was created by a chemist

While working in the chemical industry developing different kinds of products, James noticed many of the chemicals he was using were similar to the ones used in the skin care industry. Having watched many of his peers who suffered acne try different products without much success he realized he could use his expertise in the chemical field to find a better treatment.

So he took it upon himself to find a better solution, one that would not mitigate or improve, but completely vanish acne and warts. After extensive research and collaboration with skin care experts, he discovered the unique formulation that would make acne and warts vanish without irritation, burning or dryness: Vanish it.


An interview with

James Rothenberger

Creator of Vanish it

How did you come up with the idea of creating Vanish it?

I spent 15 years developing chemical products in an unrelated industry. Many of the chemicals I worked with are also found in skin care products. While working with some of those chemicals, I noticed a wart on my hand disappeared in a matter of weeks. That gave me the initial idea. In my own lab, I later modified the ingredients to make them less harsh on the skin. After extensive testing on acne and warts, combined with much research and discussion with skin care experts, Vanish it was created.

You say Vanish it treats acne without side effects? What would those side-effects be?

Redness or dryness of the skin, itching, tingling and burning.

How does it prevent new breakouts from forming?

Tiny particles remain on the skin, invisible to the eye, for days, and continue to remove residual bacteria.

Vanish it! A fast and permanent solution for acne and warts

What makes Vanish it special?

There are many products on the market and people who suffer acne and warts usually try them all until they find one that works for them.

Most of the time the problem returns.

Some of the products burn or irritate the skin when applied. My product is neutral pH and does not irritate the skin when applied. Tiny particles remain on the skin after washing which continue to keep the area free of regrowth. They eventually will all be gone, but because they remain after the user has stopped using the product it helps ensure the area is clean.



Removes bacteria

Prevents regrowth

Long lasting

Exclusive formula

Vanish it is pH neutral and does not irritate skin when applied

Vanish it penetrates the pores and effectively removes bacteria

Tiny particles of Vanish it remain on the skin preventing of regrowth

The remaining particles continue to remove residual bacteria for days after washing

Most treatment products have an ingredient designed to kill the bacteria causing acne or wart. This same ingredient is responsible for most of the skin irritation. Vanish it does not have this ingredient.