The Product

What makes Vanish it so special?

Its proprietary pH balanced, long-acting, non-irritating formula.

How does Vanish it work?

Most, if not all treatment products have an ingredient designed to kill the bacteria that causes acne or warts. This same ingredient is the culprit for skin irritation. Vanish it does not contain this ingredient. Vanish it works by removing bacteria from the pore, and leaving tiny particles that keep on working, even after washing the product away.

Is Vanish it a product for acne or for warts?

Vanish it can be used for both acne and warts.

Is Vanish it tested on animals?


Can I use Vanish it if I have eczema or rosacea?


Can I use Vanish it if I have psoriasis?


Can Vanish it be used by children?

Vanish it is not recommended for children under 12 years of age.

When should I expect to see results?

Each circumstance is different. Generally speaking, acne treatment will be shorter than wart treatment.


What improvements can I expect by using Vanish it?

Blemishes will disappear.

How do I incorporate Vanish it to my daily cleansing routine?

Use Vanish it at night, after washing your face the way you usually do.

How do I use Vanish it for best results?

Wash and dry area, apply Vanish it cream to cover the blemish. Leave on as long as possible: overnight works best. Wash off in the morning and apply your regular skin care lotion.

What kinds of acne does Vanish it work on?

Vanish it works on all kinds of acne, including whiteheads and cysts.

Is Vanish it suitable for all ethnicities and skin types?


What happens if I normally use retinoids or other types of acne treatments? Should I discontinue their use while using Vanish it?

Vanish it is a targeted acne and wart remover, and should just be applied to specific areas. You can continue using your regular skin care products, including other acne treatments.

When can I expect to see results?

Most blemishes respond to treatment after an hour, but some types of acne may require overnight treatment, and some, several days.

Should I continue the treatment after the blemish is gone?

There is no need to continue using Vanish it after the blemish has disappeared.


Do I have to follow any additional treatment steps, such as covering my plantar wart with duct tape?

There is no need to use any other wart treatment measures, such as covering with duct tape or freezing.

How do I use Vanish it for best results?

Wash and dry area, apply Vanish it cream to cover wart. Leave on as long as possible: overnight works best. Wash off in the morning.

Does Vanish it work on all kinds of warts?


When will I see results?

For warts, you should see results in 3-4 days, with complete removal in two weeks.

Orders and payment

How do I place an order?

You can place orders online on our website. Just follow the prompts. You’ll be asked for your billing and shipping information.

Can I make any changes to my account?

Yes, you can update your e-mail address, contact information, billing and/or shipping address.

How do I change my billing and/or shipping address?

Log in to the “My account” section of our website, select the “Edit my Profile”, and then edit the billing and/or shipping address.

Is Vanish it sold in stores?

Currently, Vanish it can only be ordered online.

Will I be informed when my order ships?

You’ll be notified by e-mail when an order is shipped out. If the tracking code is needed, you may need to contact us.

Can an order be canceled once it has been placed?

As long as we haven’t prepared the order for shipping, YES you can cancel the order. To do that, you’ll need to call us and provide the order´s details.

Can I check the status or history of my orders?

Yes, you can login to your “Account” page and review a list of all your existing, pending and completed orders.

Is my information secure?

Yes, we use an SSL (security socket layer) certificate that encrypts all of the information that’s transferred through our website.

There was a problem with my order. Who should I contact?

Please send us a message through the website and we´ll solve the issue to your satisfaction.